Emery Village BIA Director’s message: July

Loving a caring community

Not many communities’ pose such a lively neighbourhood feel like we have here in Emery Village. In Emery Village, it is not uncommon for a community member to open up their home to an entire neighbourhood. On June 26, one of our own, Lee Jackson, opened up her home for the annual event “Neighbours Night Out.”

This event attracted hundreds of neighbours from around the community. There were wonderful activities for the kids including face painting and special guests. The RCMP Mounties and Firefighters who came out showed both the adults and the kids their fire trucks and cars.

It was a wonderful evening full of jovial conversation and old stories of the changing neighbourhood. Even though this event happens annually, it is no short order and Lee Jackson really deserves many thanks for putting it all together. Along with the children’s events and other games, we had some local businesses come out to network. This included one real estate agent, Vinay Lakhani, who is an expert in his field. If you are interested in giving him a call please do so at (416) 899-8408. It brings me a lot of pleasure to be a part of a community where events like this are the norm and neighbours support one another.

Sandra Farina

Executive Director