Emery BIA Job Fair: Bridging talent and opportunity

Emery BIA Job Fair: Bridging talent and opportunity

By Sean Delaney

COSTI Immigrant Services is stepping into the spotlight once again at the second annual BIA Job Fair, underscoring its vital role in linking businesses with skilled newcomers to Canada. As a beacon for inclusive hiring, COSTI not only educates companies on embracing diversity but also actively organizes events to bridge the gap between talent in need of opportunities and sectors experiencing labor shortages.

The job fair serves as a crucial juncture for job seekers navigating the employment landscape, where personal interactions are increasingly replaced by digital processes. These events offer a rare space for meaningful, face-to-face dialogues between companies and potential employees, especially beneficial for newcomers aiming to build professional networks in a new environment.

The partnership between businesses and organizations like COSTI showcases a growing awareness of the untapped potential within newcomer communities. By leveraging government resources and collaborative initiatives, companies access a rich pool of talent at no extra cost, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

The demand for such job fairs is evident in the overwhelming turnout seen at recent events, highlighting the pressing need for employment among various groups, including international students and refugee claimants, amidst the high cost of living in Toronto and the GTA.

Looking forward, the shifting global demographics and immigration trends are poised to redefine job market dynamics further, emphasizing the importance of support systems like COSTI in facilitating the integration and employment of newcomers.

COSTI remains committed to its holistic approach, offering a suite of services that cater to the comprehensive needs of its clients, from settlement and employment to mental health and language skills, ensuring a smoother transition into Canadian society.

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