Emery’s Classic Fire Protection

The call every business needs to make Emery’s Classic Fire Protection an industry leader

By Sean Delaney

Emery’s Classic Fire Protection Inc. has the reputation of a comprehensive safety company with a wealth of knowledge that delivers quality service. It could be because they began with the best.

“We have been open since 1988,” said owner and president Rick Berwick. “Myself and two other people from the largest fire protection company in the world picked up a fourth partner from another company, and the four of us started, in 400 square feet.”

The four of them were all very active in the industry and began to respond to customer requests. Within a year, Berwick said, they had eight staff working with them.

“Our key was we were very well diversified,” Berwick explained. “I was a fitter on the road, we had a sales estimator, a fire alarm systems expert, we had all aspects covered, and our customers knew that.”

Quality service meant a continued dedication to their customers from all of the experts, and that meant a lot of work. As time went by and the company grew, Berwick said, his partners began to go in another direction. One partner left in 1991, one in 1995 and the last in 2004.

“Each time, it was just that someone had a direction they wanted to go, and someone wanted to go the other way, and it just kind of all worked out.”

In 2004, the company had 75 staff and two offices. Today, they employ 180 people and continue to grow.

From planning, design, installation, they can handle security needs for the small, to the large business.

“Across the board,” Berwick said. “We have about 100 service vans on the road, and we do everything from single portable fire extinguishers, single kitchen hood systems, to restaurant systems, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, infrared detection, foam systems, you name it.”

And fire protection has been a growing industry in Ontario as the fire codes have been changing fast. The Province was known to be way behind the rest of the Country on fire codes, and have been aggressively playing catch up. But even with the available business, Berwick refuses to sacrifice quality.

“No shortcuts. It’s a rule of our business. We won’t bend on anything. Field staff can never say, I didn’t have enough time. Our customers come first. This is life safety. If a toilet backs up, it’s terrible. If my system doesn’t work, someone could lose a building or life. And I impress that on all my staff.”

Both of Berwick’s sons now work in the company, and the family is engaged in constant talks about bringing on new people, and expanding their offerings. But quality is something Classic Fire will never sacrifice.

Classic is located at: 645 Garyray Dr.

You can reach them by phone at: 416-740-3000

Find them online at: www.classicfire.com