Decadent chocolate treats, and how to craft your own

By Sean Delaney

Introducing Chocolate Tales at Kitchen 24: Unleash your passion for chocolate!

Join immersive classes, learn chocolate-making art, and indulge in a world of cocoa delights. Reserve your spot now. Conveniently located in Emery Village’s heart.

It’s time to get crafty. We share the unique history of chocolate and chocolate making and pass the tradition onto you by teaching you how to make your own gourmet chocolate treats...roll up your sleeves. Their classic chocolate-making workshops are ideal for excited chocolate crafting beginners and any chocolate lover wanting a hands-on lesson into the world of chocolate making. Bring a friend or two, and see who is the best artist.

June 4 - 11 a.m.: Truffle Making 101 - 4 p.m.: Classic Chocolate Making Workshop

June11 - 11 a.m.: French Macaron Class - 5 p.m.: Ultimate Dark Chocolate Making Workshop

June 18 - 12 p.m.: Chocolate & Caramel Class - 4 p.m.: Tempering with chocolate

For further information or to book classes visit:

Or call: 1-800-905-2858