Creating employees that care

Emery businesses can make a difference

The Sponsored Employee Program is a unique engagement opportunity for potential leaders in your organization.

Confident, innovative and with a commitment to creating a more vibrant community in which to do business, Sponsored Employees are seconded for a 15-week period to work for United Way.

Under the management and guidance of a professional fundraiser, they play a crucial role in supporting and inspiring more than 700 workplace campaigns across the region.

Sponsored Employees also have the opportunity to develop valuable skills, such as public speaking, time management, project management, customer relations, and teamwork.

In 2016, 17 organizations participated in United Way's Sponsored Employee Program by seconding an employee or providing a sponsorship gift.

Get Involved:

Provide a Sponsored Employee

Supply an employee to the program from Sept. 5 to Dec. 15, 2017. A seconded employee's salary and benefits continue to be paid by their employer. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of United Way.

Provide financial support

A financial gift of $12,000 gives United Way the flexibility to hire an individual with specific skills to support our fundraising efforts.

For more information on the Sponsored Employee Program, email United Way at: