Councillor’s Corner-Jan 2018

Dear Residents,

First, I would like to wish all the residents in Ward 7 a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Second, I would like to bring to your attention a very important issue that my office has been receiving numerous calls about; traffic congestion. The Province’s decision to install an LRT (Light Rail Transit) on Finch Ave West will be devastating to the businesses along the corridor and this will only get increasingly worse once the construction begins. We have several examples of what this means for businesses, residents, and commuters in Ward 7. Let me begin by highlighting the St. Clair LRT. Not only did it take five long excruciating years to install, but it has had lasting effects, for what once was viable businesses which were forced to shut their doors after many successful years in business. The traffic is horrendous with only one lane allotted in each direction for traffic flow, causing many people distress.

In addition to LRT’s, similar projects like the implementation of the King St Pilot, which prohibits cars from driving through King St West from Bathurst St East to Jarvis St; the instalment of bike lanes on Bloor St West between Shaw St and Avenue Rd, and now the reimaging of Yonge St which proposes to remove two car lanes and replace them by installing bike lanes. I have been very outspoken on all these projects and I have, in particular, fought the Finch LRT, but despite my objections and that of our community, the province is continuing with their plans. As your Councillor I have been successful in not only minimizing the Finch LRT’s impact on traffic, but I have also secured public benefits such as: right of away improvements, enhanced off-street cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, street scape improvements, furniture and enhanced tree canopies. However, traffic congestion will only get worse once construction begins; we have had only a taste of what to expect with Enbridge Gas Distribution relocating natural gas pipelines along the route. I will continue to fight against these disruptions in our community with the goal of making Ward 7 a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Giorgio Mammoliti

Councillor Ward 7

The views expressed by Councillor Mammoliti do not necessarily reflect those of the Emery Village Voice.