Celebrating Rita Vitale: A lifetime of service and friendship at La Vogue Salon

By Sean Delaney

Rita Vitale still has her original customers. “It wasn’t just working with strangers,” she said. “It

became a family.”

La Vogue, a place that began in 1974, was more than just a salon. It was a community. On the

May long weekend that year, Rita Vitale, along with her best friend and eventual business

partner, Lina, stepped into the salon to clean up the place, and they never left. The customers,

not just clients but friends, loved them, and they formed a family.

“We got along very well, and customers loved us. It was a very busy place. Then Lina passed

away nine years ago, but she is still a partner here,” Rita said. “We did a lot. We remodeled a

couple of times. The customers were great. We didn’t overcharge. We loved the seniors, and we

were happy to come to work every day. It makes a difference.”

After 50 years, Vitale is retiring from the hair styling business. “I wasn’t decided yet, but my

partner’s husband decided he wanted out, and I’ve been running it by myself. So I said, you

know what, the time is right,” she said.

Vitale is now a great-grandmother and ready for more time with family and children. “It keeps

you going when you have something to do every day and someone to talk to daily,” she said. “I

know them all. And I see a lot of weddings, communions, and many seniors.”

She is taking a six-week vacation to Europe, specifically Italy, to celebrate her retirement.

Rita’s retirement marks the end of an era for our community. Her salon has been more than just

a place for haircuts; it’s been a social hub where friendships flourished and lives intertwined. We

thank Rita for her dedication and for making La Vogue a cherished part of our lives.

Customers and friends are invited to a send-off celebration at 2467 Finch Ave W between 3

p.m. and 6 p.m. on May 31st. Friends can also call the salon during regular business hours at

(416) 741-5902 and speak to Rita in advance of her closing date.