Business of the month - E.F. Walter

By Sean Delaney

E.F. Walter Inc. is a fourth-generation, family owned business established in 1893, in Montreal.

The company has a strong history in Canadian manufacturing for the industrial and consumer goods markets.

“It was in 1969 when E.F. Walter developed a landing gear component with aerospace engineers for Apollo 11,” Susana Guedes, director of marketing said. “Growth toward consumer products really started in the ‘60’s when E.F. Walter acquired further capabilities and equipment to cut felt and other types of cut and packaged footwear products.”

Today E.F. Walter Inc. is made up of Walter’s Shoe Care brands and services, as well as ThermaGreen Environmental.

Walter’s Shoe Care brands and services manufactures, distributes and markets a complete range of premium quality shoe care and foot comfort products and services. The Walter’s Shoe Care brand and Private Label services can be found at Holt Renfrew, ALDO, Shoe Company, Town Shoes, and many other retailers across North America. Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlours and events are located across North America in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton International airports. The shoeshine business became a natural evolution for the brand, as they wanted to provide their customers a truly unique experience and put their products to the test every day.

“We are able to create custom and engaging retail services and experiences for our customers by providing them something that simply doesn’t happen often these days – the perfect shine,” said Guedes. “It harkens back to a time when impeccably shined shoes were one of the hallmarks of a well-dressed and successful gentleman.”

You can purchase the Walter’s Shoe Care Heritage Collection online at on their eshop at

E.F. Walter is a company committed to operational excellence and wanted to ensure responsibility for their byproducts and develop recycling initiatives.

ThermaGreen Environmental was founded in 2008 and is focused on the recycling and conversion of post-industrial, cross-link and closed cell polyethylene foam byproducts.

“Once you cross link foam, you can’t use it again,” Blu Alexander, director of business development explained. “The end result is landfill. And because this stuff doesn’t biodegrade, the landfills don’t like it because it takes up their biggest need, space.”

The company is committed to waste reduction, a cleaner environment, CO2 reduction and the conservation of energy. In North America alone, more than 30 million pounds of post-industrial cross-link and closed cell polyethylene foam byproduct materials are generated on an annual basis.

E.F Walter is located at 180 Bartor Rd. in Emery. They can be reached at 1-877-972-0755 or online at: