Business of the Month – Meineke

Show them; don’t tell them…Meineke’s mission is to ensure that their customers are taken care of and with perfection.

Opening their doors just over one year ago, Meineke has blossomed into one of Emery Village’s fastest growing full service auto shops specializing in customer car care. When you walk inside the customer service area, you are greeted with a warm smile and a pleasant scent of tropical fruit. It is a comforting environment and customers are greeted with a professional, yet relaxed approach.

Dave and Yvette Thakudial, who have over 40 years of combined auto mechanic experience, are the proud owners of Meineke on Weston Rd and Bradstock Rd. The duo met in college, fell in love and have now been married for over 20 years.

The couple takes the meaning of family and community to heart and that is how they run Meineke, a small full service auto shop with six expert mechanics. Dave and Yvette wanted to settle their business in a place with a strong and growing community; that is one of the reasons why they decided to open up their shop here in Emery Village. The couple looked at a number of locations before finally deciding on Emery Village and for a number of great reasons: the location of their business would be on a very visible, high traffic corner and the area is peaceful and with low crime.

Both Dave and Yvette are enjoying having their business in Emery Village. Being in a mixed community with different income families, Meineke sets their prices towards making sure that the entire community of Emery Village feels taken care of. When asked about how the Emery Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) has impacted their business Yvette said, “I think any business would benefit from the BIA because by improving local business it helps to support the community which in turn helps our business grow.” After being in business for just over a year, which can be the most stressful time for a new business, it was important to have support from different people within the community.

Meineke Car Care knows that their customers are the most important people in the world. This is why on this past June 20th, Meineke hosted their first ever customer appreciation day. Not only did this event showcase their wonderful facility, but it demonstrated to Emery Village Residents that Meineke is all about making the customer happy and making a difference. That is what helps set Meineke apart from other auto shops.

The Meineke mechanics bring customers into the auto shop where many people have never stepped foot before. Customers are shown firsthand what is wrong with their car prior to the repairs being completed .In the end, the customer is more informed before receiving their bill. This allows the client to build a relationship with the mechanic, and most importantly, with Meineke. We want to ensure safety and satisfaction and that comes from doing the best work for each client.” says, Dave, co-owner of Meineke.