Business in Profile: Tire Spot


If you are like myself you think car tires, hubcaps and rims are simple parts of a car, which do not need much attention. After meeting Mitch Carvalho and Jason Ajram, the two owners of Tire Spot, who just took ownership in July 2014, of 89 Rivalda Road, my opinion has been changed. The reason for this change is because tires, hubcaps and rims are one of the most important parts of your car and if you do not have them on properly, you are in for some serious trouble, especially when the winter comes. Collectively, Mitch and Jason have over 60 years of experience working on cars, which contributes directly to the fabulous work they do. Along with Mitch and Jason, there are four other professionally trained employees who all have a high level of experience working with cars. The small, yet efficient group of six employees shows off the true team oriented environment that Tire Spot knows is important in the work place. The business being new to Emery Village is very exciting as the company has been around since 2007 but was located in the west end area of the city in the Junction. The decision to move to Emery Village came up when the need for a larger space was inevitable as the business was booming. The benefit to being in Emery Village comes from there being an existing automotive industry network.

When I asked what sets their shop apart from all the others, their response was simple, “we do the jobs that no one else wants to do” said Ajram.

Immediately I knew that this shop was special. When I noticed a framed plak of various police officers from all over Toronto who all trust Tire Spot with their personal vehicles, I was assured. Not to mention, the look of the showroom. It was very appealing.

All of their products were on display as well as their warehouse which for a automotive company, was extraordinarily clean!

It was very interesting to talk to two owners who are both so passionate about what they do. They are constantly coming up with innovative ways to fix problems.

I believe that is what separates a great automotive shop from the next, someone who is willing to do whatever it takes and spend however long to fix the issue at hand. I know what you must be thinking, their prices must be higher, but they aren’t, they are competitive but fair. As well, you are getting expert quality for your purchase, never is your car looked at by a junior or an apprentice, it is and will always be an expert.

Tire Spot is open six days a week (closed on Sundays), which leaves zero reason not to check this place out!

With the snow coming soon and those summer tires needing to be changed, why not check out Tire Spot?

They will store your winter/summer tires for you. Even if you just want to see how clean their warehouse is, stop by and see for yourself, you will be happy you did!