Always happy to help

By Sean Delaney

“I am proud to fight for the issues that matter to our community, but nothing beats helping someone who reaches out to my office. To make a positive difference in a person’s life is something that feels very tangible. And seeing a person and their family happy makes the job of being a representative worthwhile,” said MPP Tom Rakocevic during a recent catch-up. “Over the years, my office has helped thousands through casework and more, and I am always honoured to hear positive feedback about my staff. I am blessed to have such a hard-working and compassionate team.”

So, if you have never needed to reach out, let’s briefly introduce Emery Village Voice readers to MPP Rakocevic’s community office team and share their roles.

Alida Troini joined the team in late 2018 with almost two decades of casework experience for a city councillor. She ensures the office is always on track, handling their daily schedule and booking appointments and meetings. She also leads the office’s casework when people need help on provincial matters such as ODSP, OW, OHIP, or issues with various government documents such as driver’s licenses and much more.

This year, the community office team gained two new members, Ayesha Khan, and Andrew Fiorido. They specialize in community outreach by developing relationships with community organizations and stakeholders and providing communications support on the office’s many initiatives. For instance, one of their current projects is the MPP’s outreach and series of town halls to help reform condominium laws in Ontario so that condo residents can live in safe, well-managed, and maintained properties.

In addition to working on provincial matters, Tom and his team attend local events and meetings when invited. They love to help community members and businesses celebrate special occasions, groups, or persons with a certificate of recognition. As the representative of this community at Queen’s Park, Rakocevic has always asked for and welcomed feedback from the community on ideas, issues, and priorities to ensure that resident’s voices are heard.

Residents are encouraged to contact Tom’s office, whenever in need, at:


Or by email at:

They are always happy to help.

And consider joining an exciting upcoming event in April. The new Official Opposition Leader, MPP Marit Stiles, looks forward to meeting you and sharing her priorities in a very special Online Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, April 19, at 7 p.m. Visit MPP Tom’s website to RSVP, and while you’re there, sign up to receive your e-newsletters and stay in the loop.