Addressing Measles in Emery Village

By Shelly Harris BScn CCRN Rn-C

As we observe an uptick in measles cases in our area, everyone in Emery Village must be aware and take proactive steps, especially for those among us who were born before 1965 or anyone unsure of their vaccination status.

Recent reports from Toronto Public Health and Unity Health Toronto show increased measles cases. This is concerning because measles can be severe, especially for babies and young children. The main reasons include lower vaccination rates in some areas and the ease with which measles can spread among unvaccinated people.

For our community’s children, ensuring they receive their vaccinations on schedule is vital. Measles vaccination is a key part of keeping them healthy. It’s not just about one child; it’s about keeping all of Emery Village safe.

If you were born before 1970 or are unsure about your vaccination status, it’s vital to consult your healthcare provider. Many individuals born before 1965 might not have received the measles vaccine, which was widely available only in the late 1960s. Your doctor is best equipped to assess your situation and advise if you need the vaccine to safeguard yourself and those around you from measles.

Parents and guardians have a key role in preventing the spread of measles. Besides ensuring vaccinations are up to date for their families, promoting healthy living environments and advocating for strong health education in schools are steps we can all support.

For everyone in Emery Village, being informed about measles and its prevention is essential. If you’re unsure about your vaccination status, a quick visit to your healthcare provider can clarify your situation and provide peace of mind. For those born before 1965, this step is especially important. If needed, getting vaccinated can protect you and our entire community.

By collectively taking these simple yet pivotal steps, we can effectively combat the spread of measles and ensure a healthy environment for all Emery Village residents. Let’s unite and each do our part to maintain the safety and health of our community.

(As with all medical advice, always check with your own health professional for questions and confirmation).