A healthy alternative in Emery Village

By Sean Delaney

Mitesh and Pinalben Rajodiya want their customers to be at their best.

It’s in their name.

The couple operates Be Your Best Physio & Rehab, a new clinic in Emery Village offering several health and wellness services and a second in the families’ practice.

Mitesh was educated in his home country of India, finishing his physiotherapist training in 2009. He practiced in India for four years, operating his own clinic, before moving to Canada in 2013.

“I then spent one year getting all my licenses and accreditations for Canada,” he said. “Since 2014, I have practiced physiotherapy here.”

Mitesh began working with clinics and other medical offices but knew when he could, he would open his own again. That came to fruition in 2022 when he started his first practice in Mississauga.

And in December, he opened a second in Emery Village.

“I work with muscular skeletal injuries and have lots of experience working with sports injuries,” Mitesh said. “In terms of treatments, I use many different modalities. I do a lot of hands-on soft tissue release and practice the Graston technique (The Graston Technique utilizes instruments and therapeutic exercises to treat inflamed or restricted soft tissue. With an emphasis on improving motion over relieving pain, the Graston Technique was developed by athletic trainers to rehabilitate muscles and allow for less cramping); I do cupping, acupuncture, and more. I am also very experienced in sports taping; we have laser and ultrasound, exercise equipment, heating, all of those up-to-date treatments our customers may want or expect.”

And their practice is holistic, as Mitesh’s business partner, his wife Pinalben, is a holistic therapist.

“I have a holistic approach to health, as I am a nutritionist trained in homeopathy, massage, and iridology,” Pinalben said. She became registered in 2018 in Canada as a homeopath. When she first arrived in Canada, she practiced massage. Then she increased her studies to include nutrition, homeopathy, and Iridology, a fascinating practice that sees practitioners look into and study the eye to find other health needs.

“We can tell about the client’s present health as well as needs for the future,” she said. “The eye can show whether they may need a supplement, are lacking in vitamins, we can tell if the liver is affected. And all of this can help show how your diet and lifestyle can be approached to improve your health.”

The clinic can bill insurance directly and handle WSIB funding, car accidents, insurance companies, and people with refugee status.

You can find the clinic at: 2965 Islington Ave West. Unit #10

Phone them at: 647-344-1400

Or find out more online by visiting: