A Verse for Christmas

A verse for Christmas

I am from a country where people are cheerful and the streets are small.

I am from Rome, a place where we speak Italian and no one is ever sad.

I am from a place where love is food and summers are extremely hot.

I am from Rome, where Smart cars rule the city and lovers ride motorcycles.

I am from Italy, a country where dreams come true and everything is magical.

I am from Rome, where only the people living there know where the best gelato places are and where the most unexpected things happen.

I am from a city, where art is amazing and paintings tell you secrets.

I am from the fashion capital of the world, where Gucci and Prada rule the city.

I am from the best place to grow up and where at some point in your life you will be a princess.

I am from the boot and it will always have a kick in my heart.

- Sarah D’Aversa